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Welcome to my site. Here I will be posting my progress at HackTheBox along with retired machine walkthroughs and active walkthroughs which are all password protected. Be sure to keep updated for regular updates!

Be sure to check out Fizzbuzz101's blog at https://www.willsroot.io/

Dmwong's github for walkthrough's at https://github.com/dmw0ng/HackTheBox-WriteUps

Hok's blog at https://hok.ninja/

DutyFruit's blog at https://rootinjail.com/blog/

And Cyber01's blog at https://medium.com/@preethambomma

HackTheBox TCLRed

About Me

I'm a 29 year old cyber security enthusiast and university student working towards a masters degree! I am a contributor and comptetitor at HackTheBox plus one of their top 10 players! Together with my brilliant team TCLRed we have built ourselves to be in the top 4th team position!

Profile Link: Click Here!

Team Profile: Click Here!

Contributor at ASCWG


If you need to contact me for whatever reason you can use this contact form or click the email icon at the bottom left of the screen.